Idea for a self-bondage scenario: suspension technique from “Bondage Life”

Thanks much to D.V. who sent me this photo of Bondage Life #49 Page 42 and 43 (see the discussion in Self-bondage art. Part XVIII. Creativity).

This is not something I’ve got used to (e.g. Japanese suspension), but this method should prevent suspension syndrome. The text is not easy to read (though I tried to digitally enhance it), so I’m retyping it here.

See also Suspension self-bondage forum thread for more ideas.

Yo, Harmony!

I’d like to make a request to K&J, who sent in the photos which appear on page 25 in BL40. Could they do a step-by-step demonstration? I’ve always been very interested in suspension but have never mastered the particular method in your photographs.
(William in Illinois)

Hey Ho!

Here’s a demonstration.

Photo 1: Loop rope around steel pipe. Have model stand on a chair, placing the pipe in front of the heel. (We tried this without a pipe: it’s too uncomfortable.)

Photos 2 and 3: Tie model at ankles, knees, hips, chest, and below buttocks. The chest tie is important. (Pads under arms and breasts is advised.)

Photo 4: Bring rope from steel bar up through all the ties, lopping it once at the back of the chest tie.

Photo 5: Using only a safe, pre-tested suspension site, bring rope to suspension hook and return to chest tie. Secure rope; tie hands.

Photo 6: Some words of caution before removing the chair. Lift model up off the chair. It is important that she keep her body and legs very stiff and straight. Make sure she does not bend her knees or hips. Check with her verbally that everything feels right.

Be careful, and have fun!


Some ideas on how to adapt this method for self-bondage:

  • wear boots with heels to prevent slipping of the steel bar/pipe
  • make sure that the bar will not slip out of the knot (for example, by running another rope through the bar/pipe)
  • have something like a roe or a bar/pipe above to pull up yourself with your hands on and off the chair
  • tie your hands ONLY after you have moved off the chair
  • as you may have guessed, concrete floor is not the best surface to fall on

Possible releases

  • a knife (a key?) on a frozen string (the string must pass through a hole in the knife handle)
  • pulley with a counter-weight held by an ice-lock (the pulley system must be certified for suspension, think of mountain climbing sport shops)

Any other ideas?

2 thoughts on “Idea for a self-bondage scenario: suspension technique from “Bondage Life””

  1. A little note about the round pipe. The pipe should be long enough to that your boots or heels can’t slip off the ends.
    A better way, would be to add pipe caps on each end of the pipe. Something like a stop on each end of the pipe.

  2. D.V. ” wrote:

    The pipe should be long enough to that your boots or heels can’t slip off the ends.

    Hence my idea of threading a rope through the pipe and pulling it up or tying down to ankles.

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