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Full Version: Bondage on eBay - interesting finds
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Please post here your interesting eBay finds related to bondage. Attached pictures would definitely help.

If an item is specifically intended for self-bondage, post in this thread: Self-bondage items on eBay

You can use the following tags/mycodes: eBay MyCodes
Nothing like as interesting as it sounds but I had to smile at the title of this link on the forum... MCDERMOTT-MCGRIPPER-PLIERS-REMOVE-RUBBER-BUTT-PLUG
Yeah, I like this ad. It provokes imagination and brings back the memories when a DIY plug stuck in my "internals". 😁
Another version of a bolero single-glove:


eBay: Unisex Rubber Latex Corset, 1mm Latex Tight Corset store: aqualatex

Let's wait for what Strappado says...
(08 Jun 2012, 02:23 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Let's wait for what Strappado says...

Since you asked for it ... 😉

Actually, this looks quite suitable for secure self-bondage, i.e. no escape possible - there is no collar strap, it will be easy to close the zipper with a string, but you can't open it that way.

I do like the design and the crotch harness adds a lot of possibilities (though it might be better in leather).
Just another bookmark:

They sell lots of interesting bondage items for rather low prices. Need to properly look at what they have.
Another bolero single-glove but now in leather:

eBay: handmade italian leather armbinder glove


Probably the single-glove is not as interesting as the leather corsets the shop sells: store: Dangerous-Curves-Designer-Corsets

I like the price.
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