Stumbled upon on eBay or Single-stocking vs Single-legging

What: 0.8mm latex customizable legs binder (see 3 photos below).

Where: the item (the shop)

Why: Quite a few reasons:

  • It looks good
  • If loosely laced, it can be used as a hobble skirt
  • When tightly laced, it’s very restrictive and absolutely inescapable
  • I really like the back seams
  • No ugly knee strap, no such strap needed.
  • Unlike the single-stocking, this design is more elegant and “form-fitting”. You can wear high heels (the design assumes, that you must wear high heels or even ridiculously high heels ;-), it does not slide down, does not bulge around the feet, the design looks logical and completed
  • Perfectly suitable for self-bondage and (self-)mummification
  • The binder shows what pantyhose or stockings you are wearing underneath (You ARE wearing nylon or latex hosiery, aren’t you?)

Your ideas?

One thought on “Stumbled upon on eBay or Single-stocking vs Single-legging”

  1. I absolutly love this!! Amazingly restrictive and soooo wonderful! In SB it must go along with a standing predicament :p

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