What: 0.8mm latex customizable legs binder (see 3 photos below).

Where: the item (the shop)

Why: Quite a few reasons:

  • It looks good
  • If loosely laced, it can be used as a hobble skirt
  • When tightly laced, it’s very restrictive and absolutely inescapable
  • I really like the back seams
  • No ugly knee strap, no such strap needed.
  • Unlike the single-stocking, this design is more elegant and “form-fitting”. You can wear high heels (the design assumes, that you must wear high heels or even ridiculously high heels ;-), it does not slide down, does not bulge around the feet, the design looks logical and completed
  • Perfectly suitable for self-bondage and (self-)mummification
  • The binder shows what pantyhose or stockings you are wearing underneath (You ARE wearing nylon or latex hosiery, aren’t you?)

Your ideas?