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Full Version: Bondage on eBay - interesting finds
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looking forward to your experiences
(19 Jul 2014, 11:43 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]This armbinder looks very interesting and can be suitable for self-bondage:

Japanese style latex armbinder
Tried it yesterday. The good things are:

o- I did not stuck
o- I did not break either the sleeve or the zip
o- it is tight

The bad ones:

o- I did not manage to close the zip 😁
o- everything gets jammed by the zip slider

So, I do not think it's suitable for self-bondage. Also, I'm not sure if it's possible to get out because the latex will roll or bend down if you simply pull the slider.

It's entirely possible that this sleeve is inescapable. Need to ask my wife (or someone else?) to put me in it...
I'll put you in if I can try it out too :p
(27 Aug 2014, 19:03 )herrpee Wrote: [ -> ]I'll put you in if I can try it out too
Deal! 😁 But do not forget that the sleeve is quite small 😉 I can barely fit in.
Don't worry, I'm skinny... well was skinny, but still don't qualify as muscled 😉
edit: or fat ^^
Vacuum bed frame


105x205cm, latex sheeting is not included. I like the design, should be quite easy to DIY (provided you have a valve)
I've seen lots of T-shaped spreader bar, but this one is the first with a spring inside: Stainless steel spreader T-bar


I like the solid steel construction, the disk underneath the dildo, the spring (I hope it's strong and "pushy" enough) and the length of the spreader bar - not too wide to allow walking. Imagine yourself walking with a moving steel plug inside! 😋

UK Store: honest-wholesale-shop
Have you got £2000 to spare? If so this may be right up your street:

[attachment=12805] - at first sight it appears to be a simple bondage bench, but there's more... a lot more.

The spanking can be pre-set, runs automatically, has a choice of canes/paddles and can be combined with something called TRRS (Timed Release Restraint System), which sounds very exciting 😁

feeling rich or simply fantasising? - why not take a look here Spanking machine


(08 Oct 2014, 14:02 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]There is a video from that shop: UK Store: Extreme-by-design

I find it both terrifying and arousing at the same time, which is strange as I have no love for CP. I suspect it is all to do with the helplessness and inability to prevent things happening?

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