What: 1.2 mm latex neck corset with an inflatable removable gag.

Where: the item, the shop

Why: I always wanted to try this construction. This neck corset will move self-bondage to another level. You will not be able to move you head. Or if you wear a hood underneath you will not be able to remove it. The hood must have a mouth opening.

You do not have to be tied, BTW. You can lock it, put the key to a big container with water and put it in a freezer (that should be done in advance). When you are ready to remove the gag, take the container out of the freezer and wait. You will stay forcefully gagged that extra time.

Of course, additional clothes, devices, rope, locks are very welcome here.

Since the gag is removable, I wonder if it can be replaced with an inflatable gag with a breath-through tube to connect it to a piss condom, or to an enema. (See Session 62).

I’m seriously thinking of buying this corset (Just a mental note for myself: I will need size “M”). And I have to decide if I want a leotard with a completely closed hood or with a mouth opening.