What: Latex bondage straitjacket surf-suit without sleeves. This unused suit is imported from England. Medium weight rubber (0.4 mm). It has a zippered back entry with five zipper pulls for crotch and rear access.

There is belting with locking buckles at the collar and waist. Five belt loops secure the waist belt. There is a 1¼” D-ring at the collar.

Where: the item, the seller

Why: This suit will render your arms absolutely unusable in no time without any sophisticated armbinders or single-gloves (are you flexible enough?) yet very comfortable for prolonged time (how long can you stay in a singleglove?). These are the major points:

  1. The collar prevents from taking the suit off. I bet it’s possible to lock the zip slider as well or hide it under the collar, so you will not be able to unzip using hooks, door handles, etc.
  2. Arms must be held behind the back, not in front!
  3. The waist belt will keep your arms in that Japanese or box style position without pressing on any vital points. If you find that the rubber belt is too elastic and you can stick your arm under the belt (to escape or to play with your private parts without permission) the belt can be replaced with a leather version.
  4. If you managed to get under the belt, you cannot stick your arm out through the leg openings (like in a standard leotard or a swimsuit), because of the knee lengths shorts.

One minus – I don’t think you can use the suit for self-bondage. Please let us know if you can imagine a way to lock yourself in and then get out alone.

I would buy it immediately (considering the price), but it’s too big for me (American size L or ML).