single-glove-square-bolero-04Update Mar 26, 2010:
See the detailed review and how this glove can be used for selfbondage in this forum thread. Thanks to Strappado!

Published on Dec 02, 2009:
A nice addition to the single-glove discussion started here.

This glove (can be found here, or in this shop) has laces instead of a zipper. What is much better because it can be easily tightened (by pulling the laces) and possibly (needs testing!) taken off by pulling the sides apart, by cutting the laces (easily replaceable) or … as I said, needs testing. Not sure if the leg straps can be useful.

Unlike a standard single-glove (or monoglove) this one is much more restrictive but much more comfortable (it does not cut off blood).

Ideas? Thoughts? Drop a line here or in this forum thread.