Japanese style bolero single-glove with leg straps.
Good for selfbondage?

single-glove-square-bolero-04Update Mar 26, 2010:
See the detailed review and how this glove can be used for selfbondage in this forum thread. Thanks to Strappado!

Published on Dec 02, 2009:
A nice addition to the single-glove discussion started here.

This glove (can be found here, or in this shop) has laces instead of a zipper. What is much better because it can be easily tightened (by pulling the laces) and possibly (needs testing!) taken off by pulling the sides apart, by cutting the laces (easily replaceable) or … as I said, needs testing. Not sure if the leg straps can be useful.

Unlike a standard single-glove (or monoglove) this one is much more restrictive but much more comfortable (it does not cut off blood).

Ideas? Thoughts? Drop a line here or in this forum thread.

15 thoughts on “Japanese style bolero single-glove with leg straps.
Good for selfbondage?”

  1. I doubt that cutting the lacing will release you, it looks like the back of this glove is completely closed.

  2. Right. So it depends on how tight the glove is. If you can get in and out when the laces are loose, then it can be used for selfbondage. If not, then only the neck zipper is the key and it can be used only with a partner.

    I still like the idea of the Japanese (square or box) style monogloves. Probably they do not look as sexy as “European” ones, you can wear them much longer without any strain and help from your arms/hands.

    This subject needs more investigation. I think it can be combined with “the selfbondage leotard”.

  3. Despite my previous comment I considered buying one. So far, all toys I got were somehow useable sooner or later. But postage alone is 40 USD and so I will wait if it appears elsewhere for cheap.

  4. I agree with you on both. Indeed, all toys can be used.

    And high postage is very Chinese. They decrease the product price and increase the postage to lower eBay (service) costs. You can see zentai suits for 7$ with 30$ shipping.

    Pretty smart I would say.

  5. Just checked the prices (the links are in the original post). 50$ or 34€ to get the glove delivered to NL. Not bad at all.

  6. Also see my post somewhere in the forums, this single glove is not secure at all. In SB, it is actually harder to get in than to get out, even if you replace the front zipper by lacing. I haven’t given up hope yet, but my only idea so far is to bind the arms together, which makes it pretty much impossible to put it on alone.

  7. I forgot to mention that I add wraps around each shoulder for better support of the forearms.

  8. I’ve seen the instructions, but never followed them 😉 I thought, that the steps could be reversed, the hands will not be high enough and to make the tie truly inescapable you need to add the cinch noose somewhere.

    Probably I should finally try the method.

  9. In fact the most important idea from Nancy is the door handle. I will make a new thread about a modified version of this tie.

  10. As the question was asked again in the last comment, here my final answer:

    No! And it isn’t suitable for any bondage, a piece of junk, very easy to escape!

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