Stumbled upon on eBay. Vintage fetish drawings

sg-05 John Willie Sweet GwendolineWhat: vintage fetish art
Where: Fetish Nostalgia
Why: Eric Stanton, John Willie, Betty Page, Irving Klaw, Gene Bilbrew Eneg. Fetish classics of the 60’s. Seamed stockings, tight corsets, 6″ heels, leather single-gloves and properly gagged and inescapably bound Sweet Gwendoline, “damsels in distress” or evil men who were eventually forced and locked into women’s and very feminine clothes.

Never out of fashion. Never fail to excite or make your imagination work. Whose place are you dreaming of? Sweet Gwendoline? Her captors? Or poor husbands who were mercilessly turned into obedient transvestites?

5 thoughts on “Stumbled upon on eBay. Vintage fetish drawings”

  1. Wow!
    This is one Willie I hadn’t seen.
    Is it from a story like the missing princess or something else?



  2. Hmm… dunno… You can check the shop (see the link above).

    And I’ll have a look at what I have (I’ve bought several John Willie’s books years ago).

  3. I would have love to be trained like that! Wish my mom would have teach myself dress in dance leotards, shiny pantyhose and to walk on heels and then being forced to wear extreme XXXL gags and being bound very tight all night long. A kiss from her in my gagged red lipsticked mouth would have been the right thing I look after for every evening…

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