Interesting gags on eBay. Ball gag enhanced

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What: Elongated hollow rubber ball gags. Available in 3 sizes (but currently only two sizes left: small and large), 4 colours, with and without a panel and a head harness:

Size “small”: 45mm diameter, 70mm long rubber gag. 3 sections: 45mm, 35mm, 25mm (diameters)

Size “large”: 57mm diameter, 85mm long rubber gag. 3 sections: 57mm, 50mm, 40mm (diameters)

Strap: 3mm thick, 590mm long, includes 25mm adjustments for a perfect fit.

Where: the item, the shop

Why: A bound beauty, black silky stockings adorn slender legs, red lips encircle a red ball gag (Eve Ellis?) Many people become addicted to ball gags because this image exploded their mind when the first saw it on the cover of “Bondage life”, “Bound & Gagged” or “Bizarre”.

Yes, ball gags look great, sexy and kissable, but the problem with balls is that they are just spacers between the teeth, they do not prevent talking, and are far from being mouth-filling.

These “enhanced” gags do fill some “blanks”, and can be improved even further to get closer to the “deep-throat ball gags“. Though for many bondage lovers 7-8cm is already more than enough.

3 thoughts on “Interesting gags on eBay. Ball gag enhanced”

  1. As always. The first advice for bondage beginners: go to a local pet shop and hardware store. I wonder what the sex-shop price would be for such toys.

    In any case that means that these gags are teeth-proof and non-toxic 😉

  2. Ha! I found this “gag” in Kaufland (a Geman supermarket) for €3.50 😉

    The walls are not too thick, so it should be quite easy to cut two slits for the strap. Very DIY.

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