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Full Version: Bondage on eBay - interesting finds
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OH, I love that:

Quote:It is great for bondage plays as well. Here are some hints!

1. The rein (or rope) is fixed to a high point, so the pony has to stand on her (naked, shoeless) toes in order to avoid forced deep throating. As she gets tired and lowers her heel, the dildo goes deep. She also has to lift up here chin so accessing the the throat is easier...

2. Hogtie position. The moving part of the gag is connected to the ankles. If the slave can not hold his/her leges and back bended, the dildo goes deep to the throat.

3. The slave is fixed to standing on all fours, riding a f*cking machine. The rein is fixed to the rod of the f*cking machine. When the the rod of the machine moves backward, retracts the dildo, it pulls the rein. Result: the sub's mouth and hole gets f*cked alternately.

Great find MJ!
I hope that our Chinese friends are listening...
Just bookmarking. Looks intetesting:
Arrgh... The hood is not built-in! 😟
Why am I find myself compelled to buy a set of 4 of these interesting fasteners from Ali?

Stainless Steel Swivel snap Shackle Quick Release Boat Anchor Chain Eye Shackle Swivel Snap Hook for Marine Architectural

I hope that link worked
This transparent latex vacuum bondage bag looks VERRRRRRY interesting! Even without "vacuum applied".
Yes, it looks nice, but 0,25mm Latex is much to thin for any bondage Latex item!
And 199€ for a Latex sleepingbag that rips from any sharp fingernail ist realy expensive
(07 Jul 2020, 17:07 )Vacbedbound Wrote: [ -> ]but 0,25mm Latex is much to thin for any bondage Latex item!
That was my only concern, actually. I think the reason is very tight and transparent vaccum cocoon, when each curve and stocking lace is clearly visible 😋
Very effective and comfortable gag, that keeps mouth open. A ring-gag replacement.

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