Interesting gags on eBay. Double-dildo lockable gag for forced deep-throating?

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What: leather strap or harness lockable double-dildo gag. The plugs are made of soft but firm rubber and measure:

  1. length: 3.5″ (9cm), diameter: 1.44″ (3.7cm), circumference: of 4.5″ (11.5cm)
  2. length” 5.8″ (15cm), same diameter as 1

Where: the items, the shop, another shop

Why: “Standard” gags work only in films. In real life if the “wearer” does not want to be gagged, most gags can be spit out. And if hand are free (or at least in the front), the lockability does not make any sense. 9cm long gag is not long enough to tickle the back of your throat, but is something you can’t easily push out with your tongue.

But it’s the other side what interests me. 15×3.7cm plug is very close to an ideal deep-throat gag. Not too thick to resist inserting, not too short to prevent breathing, not too long to cause gagging or prevent breathing. But it does require some considerable homework before you can lock the harness up. Unlike rubber hoods with long plugs inside, leather is not elastic, even with hands you will not be able to pull it out a bit. If it’s in your throat, it will stay there.

What is not clear is how flexible the dildo is. The description says: “the protruding plug is made of soft but firm rubber”. If it’s too stiff it may cause pain and limit the amount of “playtime”.

And if you have a partner, both sides can be used, of course 😉

More ideas?

6 thoughts on “Interesting gags on eBay. Double-dildo lockable gag for forced deep-throating?”

  1. I have one of these, it’s ideal for forced deep throating, as the buckle works reversed, it’s flexible enough, and the perfect length

  2. There’s similar all over the online stores, like extreme restraints etc, and have even found this in at least 3 local shops

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