Stumbled upon on eBay. Beautiful KUB cuffs. Bondage as jewellery?

leg- and handcuffed girlWhat: Handcrafted Irish 8 leg- and handcuffs with a Hamburg style lock, made by KUB of nickel-plated brass. New and include one key.

These cuffs include a Hamburg Locking mechanism. The Hamburg-style key is not a standard handcuff key and will only work with this lock. They can be bought in different sizes

Where: Cuffstore

Why: They are heavy (1.5 lb) but comfortable and look like jewellery. Imagine them worn with an evening dress. Also, they resemble a metal rope comfortably and inescapably embracing wrists and ankles.

Not sure if such handcuffs can be used for self-bondage (no problems with legcuffs, of course). Probably if the key is clamped in a vice?

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