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Full Version: Bondage on eBay - interesting finds
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(08 Oct 2014, 16:18 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]I suspect it is all to do with the helplessness and inability to prevent things happening?
Yes, I also think so.
Look at these custom made single-gloves. Made-to-measure for $150. Very tight fit:

[attachment=13911] [attachment=13912] [attachment=13913]

Actually, I just like the photos. Strappado may think otherwise, but I would prefer to have another person to apply these armbinders on me. Self-bondage is too tricky....
This singleglove looks as tight as the previous ones, but it costs 3 times less.

What a nice one:

Single-glove with a mask
Just bookmarking. They have some interesting things in the shop: DE Store: bondageshop24de And the prices are reasonable.
Interesting hood. Not sure if there is a gag, though. Leather Gimp Suffocating Mask

A tad pricey...

Bondage device
Hi guys... I don't post much, but have lurked for a while.
I'd just like to say thanks for this thread as following the many 'EBay search links' I appear to have accidentally purchase a vac bed...
It was a relative bargain (£110) for a complete vac bed kit because the seller had to resist it after he made it for someone who messed him around..

Now the wife is aware of many of my kinks... This one may take some explaining!! 😉
Is it you on the photo? ;P
(21 Jun 2015, 02:00 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Is it you on the photo? ;P

Unfortunately not yet!
But I've 'broken the news' to my wife who has rolled her eyes and accepted that I'm still the freak she married!! :-D

I will aim to get some photos and/video when I try it as let's face it I won't be able to see what it looks like!! Lol

And even though I bought it on eBay the seller has their own site incase anybody in interested
I will give a review when tested... When ever that may be! 😟
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