Interesting gags on eBay. Locking stuffed panel gag.

Periodically I come across some bondage stuff on eBay that I personally find interesting for use in both bondage and self-bondage. This series is about gags.

What: stuffed ball gag made from imitation leather. The straps can be adjusted from 16 inches to 30 inches long.

The size of the soft leather ball gag:2.25 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. The buckling strap is 1 inch wide and can be secured with a locking buckle.

Where: the gag, the shop.

Why: I like gags filling mouth completely. It may sound strange, but you can effortlessly and comfortably wear such big soft gags for hours. Sometimes I sleep gagged with a VERY mouth filling DIY pantyhose gag. I agree with the seller on it: “Being able to bite down on it does make it somewhat easier to wear.”

Also, if a gag is not big enough, making it lockable does not make any sense – you can remove it even if your hands are bound behind the back.

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