Interesting gags on eBay. DIY breath-through rubber ball gag

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What: DIY rubber ball gag with a breathing hole and a rubber plate. 1-3/8″ diameter with a 1/2″ air hole. The shaft is 3/8″ long and the base is oval and measures 2-1/2″x3″.

Where: the gag (currently unavailable), the shop

Why: DIY means “use your own fantasy” 😉 You can “incorporate” this gag into any “device” you already have. For example, a vacuum bag, a hood, a zentai suit, a bondage frame, a bondage harness, enema bag, an enema butt-plug, a piss condom. Use it as a butt-plug or a door handle (which can shut up a bound naughty slave at any time 😉

Lots of possibilities! One problem – the gag is not available at the moment. If you find it in any other place – please let us know.

4 thoughts on “Interesting gags on eBay. DIY breath-through rubber ball gag”

  1. Thanks much Ralinad for both links!

    ralinad ” wrote:

    The material is rather hard though, so its not terribly good for long-term use.

    Yeah, I like comfortable “elastic” gags. On the other hand, the shaft is not that wide, so some soft materials can be applied around it.

    I love DIY stuff…

  2. Brilliant find – if it wasn’t for the combination of cost and location I would be very tempted 🙂

    This would be perfect for my vac bag self bondage sessions – very, very tempting!

    But is it really DIY or is it a ‘proper’ bondage toy?


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