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Full Version: Bondage on eBay - interesting finds
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DE Store: laresuk -> Arm-Binders

Shop in GB, I asked for the size of "Faux leather ARM BINDER escapology stage prop AB-13-PVC.​". It has a length of 19" and a circumference of 22" laced, 32" fully open.

Nice prices!
(15 Dec 2012, 03:28 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Strange bondage system:

Search eBay DE: bondage system

Looks like bought elsewhere combinated and now tries to sell expensive
Yeah, probably a DIY kit 😉
Strange looking "briefs" (or, rather, a crotch rope with a cock ring) with an anal hook:

Search eBay DE: Slip im Bondage fetisch

Completely transparent PVC vacbed:

Search eBay DE: Vacbed pvc transparent


Looks interesting and should be cheaper than latex.
As the stre name suggests - they sell very interesting cuffs: store: Cuffstore-Sells-Unusual-Handcuffs
Absolutely not my cup of tea, posting because it's quite unusual for eBay and possibly someone might be interested:

eBay: Facesitting chair store: Prestons-Model-Ships-and-Decor

Finally decided to post in the "bondage" section. I think that the person who's wearing this piss mask must be bound or restrained somehow.

Search eBay DE: latex toilet mask

This rubber leotard should greatly simplify the Japanese box-tie. I would love to be able to use it for self-bondage, but still have no idea how (Strappado's single-glove technique?)

eBay: latex leotard with d-rings store: god96tw

[attachment=8581] [attachment=8582]
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