Stumbled upon on eBay.
Under Mattress Bed Restraints with 12 Connection Points

ubr-03  Under Mattress Bed Restraints What: under mattress bed restraints with 12 connection points.

  • All webbing is 1″ wide black polypropylene with a 650# breaking strength.
  • All plastic hardware is black, injection molded and has smooth edges so as not to damage your mattress or bedding.
  • All metal is silver in color and nickel plated.
  • The connection point metal “D” rings are almost a 1/4″ thick and welded.

Where: the item, the seller (click here if the item has expired)

Why: portable, discreet, you can hide it under the mattress, you can take it with you (think of business trips), you can use for self-bondage, you can use it under bed (for robustness) or under mattress (if there is no space under the bed), adjustability, you can connect two corner straps together to make it more restricting.

3 thoughts on “Stumbled upon on eBay.
Under Mattress Bed Restraints with 12 Connection Points”

  1. I have worked for years with a different system which uses readily available items and provides both tight restraint and quick release. I have demonstrated this at bondage events.

    I built this into a frame made from short pieces that could be assembled anywhere, but the same idea could be used (and I have used it successfully) when built onto an ordinary bed.

    The principle of the idea uses an item called a cam-cleat, available from boating equipment shops. The cam cleat has to be screwed onto the bed, or a frame around the bed. It allows a rope to pass through in one direction only, i.e. to tighten, but a safety line can be used to release the tension by pulling the rope out of the cleat using a smaller rope or cord. I used bungees to create elastic tension, so the more you move the tighter it gets as the ropes from the wrist cuffs are pulled through the cleats by the bungees. Normally fixed ropes would be used for the ankle cuffs to make the assembly simpler. This is fun to use!

    Please do contact me by email for further instructions or advice, if you need it.

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