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Full Version: Bondage on eBay - interesting finds
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And what is the eBay shop you bought from?
(23 Jun 2015, 14:52 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]And what is the eBay shop you bought from?

Vacuum bed
Check this Fetish and Bondage shop out. Same stuff as everywhere (according to the photos/description), but the prices are very low. Can't say about the quality, because for some reason they do not ship to NL (possibly, they simply forgot to include NL in EU 😁 ), but at those prices you risk almost nothing.
The Japanese do know a thing or two about fetish and bondage 😉 How to kinbaku. Japanese illustrated bondage manual


More pervy stuff in their store: Sakura-Dept

NB: I need to find out about Shirow Masamune GREASEBERRIES comics (found in that shop above). The cover art looks promising...
Sadly no selfbondage with these things 😟
I'd love a selfbondagebag for myself, alas
This one always amuses me Under the Bed Bondage Kit 

Guys... she is very obviously on top of the bed, not underneath it!

For true under the bed bondage, if you like that sort of thing, and you're shopping on eBay then try this


It's almost as if they had been reading the postings on this forum...

[attachment=17517] - say hello to the LIP SERVICE gag

If only it was a little cheaper...

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