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Full Version: Cosplay - Fetish or Fun?
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I'm sure I've posted Akiho Licia's pics before although I can't find them. He's a Japanese crossplayer who's costumes almost all involve leotards and tights. Here's his website

Apart from that page he posts on another cosplay site ('Cure') that's particularly difficult to access if you don't understand Japanese. I seem to have found a way in so here are some updates of him as Morrigan and Lilith...



This pic is amusing, I think he's being a little more open about his feelings for his companion and/or his/her costume than he intends to be...Blush


A brief video of him as Cammy:

'Bunny' Akiho:

A Lara Croft crossplayer who I think is wearing hose...


A couple of new pics of Akiho Licia crossplaying Morrigan Aensland:

Ranma 1/2 (Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Zatanna, Velma etc etc) has been out crossplaying again, this time as 'Lady Vader':


Steve's wig and make-up remind me of this pic of someone I found at a more 'adult' site, I wonder if they are by some chance related 🤔


Lady Vader...that's awesome.
...and he got to assault the RL police too...which is even more awesome...


Here's Steve as 'Memorabilia Girl'...


This is 'Lander' crossplaying another Sith. I know hardly anything about the 'Star Wars' universe so I have no idea of her name:

A few forum threads on other topics have touched on this area, with the excellent Culmor taking a lead in showing us how it can be done.

I'd like to start a dedicated thread just for Cosplay images that include one, some or all of the fetish elements this forum loves so much and ask a simple question; Is Cosplay a form of Fetish or is it just Fun?

Here are a few of my favourites to get you started:



(24 Jan 2014, 15:14 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]I'd like to start a dedicated thread just for Cosplay
Thanks much!

I would move all the related posts to this thread, BTW. Will probably have to tweak the date of the first post (e.g. set it to 2008 or something) to keep it at the top.