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Happy New Year!

goomnicks39_new_year_rocket_by_arrakisart-d708hl4Happy New Year!

And be careful with fireworks…

By Lady Arrakis

Time, computers, hobbies, fetishes, kids and life

Time, time, time, time…. Time is ticking away, time is money, I’m running short of time, I have no time, you can’t stop the time, everything takes time… You hear that everyday, don’t you? But do you know how much time you actually spend on your hobbies, your fetishes, surfing Internet, etc?

Usually, I run several profiled browsers (Firefox) on several virtual screens. One for my work, one for general browsing and technical forums I closely follow, one for XXX browsing and one dedicated to this site. But the old and outdated OS had a memory leak somewhere, so after a week everything grinds to a halt. One temporary solution is to reboot the server, another is to kill one of the big processes. Aka Firefox. The first one to go is the XXX one, the second – the one I use to maintain this site.

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Chinese latex, Chinese prices, Chinese quality and Chinese New Year. Demotivators of the day.

Lady Arrakis (love her) nailed it again. I searched the Internet for raw and sheet latex manufacturers and indeed – mostly China. It used to be Brazil, but it appeared that the cows trees (latex milk is taken from) can grow in Asia with pleasure and without the diseases they suffered in South America.

It reminds me the situation with freshwater pearls. Chinese farmers discovered that pearls cost more than rice, and since they had already got warm water, all what was left to be added to the equation were freshwater pearl mussels and some skills. The result – Chinese farmers produce tons of good quality pearls on their backyards and Japanese Akoya pearls are squeezed out of the market (unless they are Hanadama or hmmm … also made in China ;-) Yeah, compare the prices.

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What are you wearing? Demotivators of the day

Lady Arrakis' fetish and bondage artSimplicity does not always work like it should. There is nothing simpler than two naked bodies making sex with each other. But we want to spice things up, we need details, attributes, special materials, certain colours, icings to spawn, keep or increase the excitement.

Not bare skin, but shiny latex or nylon. Not just a baggage strap with a ratchet, but neat rows of glossy rope. Not masturbation with your lead hand, but desperate convulsive jerks of self-trussed, self-bound, self-plugged and self-gagged own body. Not an old egg-shaped vibrator, but a multichannel oscilloscope-like device, wires, USB cables, connectors, gel-pads, tri-phase electrostimulation and specially crafted musical files with hands free orgasm symphonies.

No, we are not looking for easy ways… And all that hassle is just for an internal and external erection…

By Lady Arrakis

Chinese latex manufacturers. Demotivators of the day

First of all, I’d like to compliment China on their economic success. They do everything. They can everything. And the quality can be breathtaking. But …

1. …. it all depends on how much you finally pay.
2. …. they are breathtakingly good at copying.

Why do we so readily go to eBay and buy Chinese copies? Because they cost a fraction of what Simon O, House of Harlot, Atsuko Kudo, Demask, etc ask.

And why are the prices are so low? More reasons: [read more…]

How tolerant are you? Demotivators of the day

This is something what happens way too often in various fetish forums and in the real life.

Our fetish tolerance is severely limited by our fetish preferences. We neither understand nor tolerate the weird fetishes of you … perverts.

See, for example, mohair or human toilet posts. Ha-ha …

By Lady Arrakis

A good excuse to wear total latex encasement in public?

Is “pollen allergy” a good excuse to wear total latex encasement with a gas mask in public? Or do you have any other ideas?

By Lady Arrakis

Do not let this happen to you! Demotivators of the day

Be careful guys. And “read the instruction” BEFORE, not DURING or AFTER. Especially when playing with breath control.

Lady Arrakis Art.