Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 59. Despair

Nana to Kaoru v07 c60 - 014-015See all chapters and related articles here or see all bondage and self-bondage stories.

And then suddenly you discover yourself inescapably bound. Absolutely helpless. Unable to see, unable to hear. All you can do is to make some noise with your nose and squirm. You have no control over what’s happening or going to happen. You are not able to free yourself. You totally depend on the one who has just bound you into a “lump of meat”.

Probably you are left alone? You can hear nothing but your own breathing and heart pounding. What if struggling helps? Squirming, crawling, bending, pulling, pushing, screaming… To no avail. You ARE helpless. In a pool of sweat, out of breath, completely exhausted and in despair…

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