Flexy girls and blue latex semi-zentai. Sandy. Part I

Flexible girl in a  latex catsuitYes, not blue latex zentai, but “semi-zentai”,”almost-zentai”, “not-so-fully-zentai” (is anybody familiar with OSPF? ;-D ). Zentai (as I understand this term) must cover all body, no bare skin visible and consist of one-piece (no separate hoods, socks or gloves).

Pity, because this girl would look even more interesting in a “proper” transparent latex zentai. Yes, I admit that she’s got a pretty face, but still… Hmmm… What about a gag? By the way, since she’s so flexible (all FlexiGirls are supposed to be flexible, just like errrm… rubber) why not to tie her up? Strappado? Reverse prayer? Tight single-glove? Doubling-up hogtie with arms in the reverse prayer position? Unlike most of us mortals, she probably will not even notice that ;-D

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