Eurovision song festival 2012 and shiny pantyhose. Part I

Anybody watched Eurovision 2012? I ignored it for the last 10 or so years but this year we happen to turn the TV on during the final and out of educational/investigative interest we watched it till the end.

The bottom line – booooooring. Except a couple of funny acts and performances (Moldova and Russia) and a couple of quite strong pop-songs (Sweden and Ukraine). Many songs were “borrowed” from well-known hits (e.g. compare what Serbia and “Secret Garden” did), but the main goal of this post (or rather a series of posts) is, of course, not the singing.

Yes, it’s about the clothes. Whatever or whenever I watch, read, look around I always keep an eye on something tight, shiny, transparent, high heeled or bound. And from what I noticed on this song festival is that pantyhose are making a slow comeback to the stage.

On the official website ( you can find thousands of stage, backstage, live, rehearsal and party photos (including hi-rez ones). I picked up a bit more than a hundred just for fun and to prove my observation.

See the first 22 photos below (some of them are 6-7MB in size!)

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