Stockings. Part V. Last school day and exploded Internet

In short: photos and videos of a “seminaked” 17yo schoolgirl from Pavlograd (Ukraine) wearing a transparent lacy mini-dress and stockings during the official school ceremony (Last school Day or Last ring of the school bell) exploded first the Ukrainian, then the Russian Internet, then other mass-media.

Yes, the same old story. Dreams, wishes you have to beware of, because they come true. She wanted to look like a model. She wanted to be different, popular. A pretty girl, a daughter of a teacher of the school she has just graduated from, had Twitter and VKontakte (the social net #1 in RU and UA) pages where she was posting her photos from professional photo-sessions and from that school event. But after the burst of discussions in various forums, barrage of questions, overly importunate media attention, she removed all traces of her active Internet social presence and refuses to give any interviews.

However, the attention did not subside. Articles in major newspapers, comments from famous stylists and critics discussing her Dolce&Gabanna nightie and advising how to or rather not to dress, TV programs on national channels. Not bad, heh? Oh, poor girl, she even became a new Internet meme (see the photoshopped photo below). I don’t think this is what she wanted.

But on the other hand, her “style” is not “unique”. See below and other related posts.

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