men-in-pantyhose-404Latex is just a material, there is nothing wrong in wearing latex in public“, “Yes, I wear these clothes in public. And to the office too“, “I never get any bad comments about my outfit“, “Nobody will notice anything“.

You’ve heard that before, right? Or possibly it was you who said that? OK, at least I did and do. Usually I ask two questions (but and never get answers, ha-ha…).

The first one is mostly addressed to women:

Would you wear these clothes if you knew that nobody would see you?

The second is definitely for men (we know what happens with our self-bondage or bondage mood when this happens :D ):

Would you wear these clothes in public (or even at home) after you have masturbated?

My answer to the first question is “Yes, absolutely. I do wear fetish stuff alone”.
My answer to the second one is:”Mmmmm…. not sure. Probably pantyhose…”.

What do you say?