X-ray fetish or human sex from the inside out. Part II

x-ray oral sexSee Part I

Scientists from Groningen university captured the interesting process using an MRI scanner. Not only for fun. But also for the article called “Magnetic resonance imaging of male and female genitals during coitus and female sexual arousal”.

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2 thoughts on “X-ray fetish or human sex from the inside out. Part II”

  1. You should read Stanislav Lem (Polish SF autor and a serious (i.e. not dreaming) futurologist). I am not sure, he wrote two books, one about imaginary books and another one with prefaces for not existing books. One of them talks pretty much about this, except that the artist uses corpes on his x-ray machine. It is quite decent reading, he predicts a mix of that mad German doctor, who exhibits plastified corpses and this x-ray project. He also wrote a book about virtual reality in the 80’s. No fetish at all of course, except perhaps a short story that might be calles something like “the beast within” – about a creature, that enters the French royal court as a curtisane of the king and from that point, things go extremely weird.

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