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See more trends and comments below. What is your forecast and why?

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I completely forgot about this related article and discussion: The future of (self-)bondage-fetish-wear. Will it ever exist?

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Yesterday, me and my wife have been to Demask in Amsterdam to repair my favourite pewter pearl sheen latex leotard (I discovered a 1cm hole in the armpit area). I love rubber shops. I love the smell of latex, love to touch or grab the sleeky springy oily material.. Oh, I begin to feel light-headed just by thinking of that…

But back to Demask (they opened a shop in Dortmund, BTW). My wife noticed, that the assortment is much poorer than several years ago. I walked through the shop again and confirmed. Indeed, extremely high prices, but no variety. Leather goods and shoes almost disappeared, rubber is everywhere, but .. you know … even no leotards…

I said:”I think that interest in fetish stuff has decreased, I wonder why…”.

She replied:”There is nothing new in this area. There must be something revolutionary, a completely new level or “quality jump” to bring the attention back.”

While I agree with her, because there’s indeed nothing new for decades, neither in fetish design not in bondage, one “parameter” is always fresh – people. The kids from yesterday have grown up and should’ve discovered the pleasure of spicing their daily life up, but it’s not happening.

Check, for example, the Google trend for searching for “fetish”:

fetish search trend
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See the declining interest? Have a look at the selfbondage trend. I checked the most obvious keywords like pantyhose, latex fetish, latex stockings, etc, and found out the same tendency.

Is it something what we dreamed about at the end of the last millennium? “Fetish in the mainstream media“? Yes, it has happened. My kids see latex on the TV and in the Internet (e.g. on Youtube) everyday several times a day. Latex has become just one of a bit unusual but still widespread materials like leather or PVC, but I can’t imagine that this popularity makes us “immune” to photos like the one on the right (see also “Black rubber high heeled beauty or your turn to think about the title“.

Fetish clothes and even bondage are very popular in musical videos, fashion shows, exhibitions, promotions and advertisement campaigns. See the graph at the bottom – the news reference volume. The amount of articles mentioning fetish is increasing. What should happen to get the interest “reignited”? And do we care? Is this what we actually wanted?