It smells like … LATEX!!!!!!

I always keep something tasty on my desk. Chocolate, nuts, Turkish sweets, dried fruits or similar nasty stuff you can eliminate consume while typing, browsing, working, surfing or whatever you are doing at your desk.

Yesterday was not an exception. I was editing a blog post and suddenly … a very familiar smell hit my nose.

LATEX!!!!! The thick luscious rich scent that makes me feel lightheaded and awakes naughty desires…

HIGH QUALITY LATEX!!!! Only the smell of high quality latex has a helluva nuances. The sweet aroma with coffee and vanilla flavour you can drink tea with…

But (unfortunately) I was not wearing any latex… I was juts drinking tea with… Chocolate and dried cranberries… It was the cranberry! Dried cranberries bought in “Lidl”! And chocolate with roasted coffee beans completed the picture.

My wife confirmed that I’m not completely wired to the Moon and the cranberries indeed have this distinct latex note 😉

By the way, it’s about the time (April) when privet (Ligustrum)begins to blossom. And privet flowers smell like … you guessed it ;-D

3 thoughts on “It smells like … LATEX!!!!!!”

  1. Yeah seen this site. The leotards look good but all of them are open on the back. See also this link. Also, you may want to drop the link to the motionwear there. This post is about how latex smell. Something what lycra can not do 😉

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