EuroPerve resurrection, DeMasK and fetish scene

Do you remember my post “Fetish industry and fetish trends“? I tried to express my feelings about the current fetish scene, which seems to be diluted, blurred, spoiled by the pop-culture and dramatically aged.

I could easily be completely wrong, because I’m not directly involved in the events, however, my words were indirectly confirmed (at least, as I understood the article) by The Fetishistas:

Even though there is an overkill in kinky dance parties, a genuine fetish play party is hard to find nowadays. That is why we want to offer an authentic underground play party to the people who can appreciate this.

And so we came to the idea of resurrecting Europerve. We want to get the feeling back that we all cherished and loved in the ’90s. A very strict dresscode of only rubber, leather and uniforms will ensure that we get the proper fetish crowd.

says Anton, who (exactly one year ago) together with Louva bought DeMask from Steve English. I hope they will breath some fresh air into this stagnating company, and resurrecting EuroPerve, which existed from 1991 to 2004, can be one of those steps. Fetish parties with strict dress-code and fetish clothes manufacturers are like two pedals – let one of them loose and your bike will slowly grind to a halt. If you buy something kinky, you will want to show it to others, so you go to a fetish party. If you a frequent fetish party visitor, you will definitely want to periodically refresh your wardrobe.

I wonder what the renewed EuroPerve will look like. I took part only once in 2001, but without any friends, completely alone, what made this experience a bit boring (even despite high heels and total zentai-like latex encasement), though very educational. The most important thing that I learned, is that having a kink is very normal and more than acceptable. The strict dress-code cut off idle crowd who comes to stare at “perverts”. Paraphilias, deviations and fetishes become the Gaussian mean (see Paraphilias, sexual fetishes, normality, deviations and men vs women), you feel literally free. Free from “public moral“, free from inner limits, free from restrictions imposed by the society and by yourself.

It was quite a therapeutic experience, despite the quite low percentage of aesthetically looking participant. Not many of us look like fetish models…

I do not know what happened afterwards, what “concepts” exist(ed), and how they evolve(d), but I find this phrase particularly interesting:

We have no intention of our party becoming the next Wasteland. We and Vault Events are committed to the original EuroPerve concept

Like in other areas, there are photo cameras and photo cameras, there are printers and printers, there is wine and wine, there are fetish sites and fetish sites, there are fetish forums and fetish forums, there are fetish parties and parties. Each has its own mood, concept, ergonomics, capabilities. In other words – Gaussian mean. From one point of view, the “uniting” brings more somehow similar thinking people together. On the other hand, all-in-one and one size fits all does not necessarily fits all. This is one of the reasons I created this site 😉

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  1. The big problem with fetish parties is that fetishwear is damnably expensive. That immediately rules out all but the richest folks and a few pro dommes who write their latex off as a business expense. Of course this might be just my location; Texas has a very high number of perverts who don’t have extreme latex or leather, and those who do are usually in one of the two categories I’ve already mentioned.

  2. 603 ” wrote:

    The big problem with fetish parties is that fetishwear is damnably expensive.

    This is one of the reasons why the average age is about 40 😉

    Young people can not afford this stuff. However, our Chinese friends and eBay help a bit.

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