Black rubber high heeled beauty or your turn to think about the title

I don’t know how to title this photo. It’s too perfect to be called like “shiny latex” or “black milk”.

I simply adore this picture. I don’t know what the girl is wearing (is it a catsuit? or a short dress with latex pantyhose?) but she’s encased in latex from neck to toes. Replace the transparent latex with black rubber and the effect is gone. Fantastic…

Via 拘束増殖炉. Any clues on the photographer and model?

PS: Just added another photo with a similar idea, but slightly reversed transpared and black opaque latex. See below.

10 thoughts on “Black rubber high heeled beauty or your turn to think about the title”

  1. But you can easily see where the latex of her stockings ends and her bare skin begins. It’s not a one piece catsuit, she’s not completely covered by latex. Maybe you have to adjust your monitor settings if it’s not clear on your screen.

  2. ‘…she’s not completely covered by latex’.

    To quote Aragorn: ‘I do not believe it. I will not!’

  3. Dan ” wrote:

    he’s not completely covered by latex

    Oh, yes, I see it now 🙁 But it must be one piece, even if it is not on the photo.

    But the second one is 🙂

  4. Don’t listen to dan. She IS encased from neck to toe. it IS transparent latex…just above the black you can see shine on the transparent latex

  5. No, No, Dan is right. There is a transparent piece above the black latex, but it does not go all the way up. The reflection (and the yellowish tint) goes up for ~30cm then you can see the bare skin with no reflection and different colour.

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