Harry Potter, time, Evanna Lynch and weird pantyhose

The Harry Potter and the Impossible Read forum thread spawned some (what at first seem unrelated) thoughts.

As always, there are “Harry Potter” fans and there are “Harry Potter” haters. But despite what you think about the plot, style, phrases, the quality of literature, etc. you must admit that the actors chosen for the films are jaw-droppingly spot on. The film is by no means a substitution for the book, but a set of brilliantly performed illustrations.

Speaking of characters, my favourite is Loona “Moony” Lovegood. If me and Harry Potter belong to the same type (ENTP, Intuitive Logical Extrovert, Seeker or Inventor), Loona is most likely INFP (Intuitive Ethical Introvert, Lyricist, Romantic). The communication between such types allows them to relax, remove constraints, “afford themselves” to stop thinking about what they are constantly worrying about.

The actress (Evanna Lynch) perfectly matches this role! She was 14 at the time of the casting. But look what happened to her and to Emma Watson (“Hermione Granger”) in 4-5 years.

Emma turned into a smart fashion vamp. Evanna, once a mystical fairy born for weird pantyhose (see photos), with mysteries inside, is now one of thousands bare-legged girls from the street around the corner. I could not even recognize her on the photos…

This is what time does. Loose a moment and it’s gone forever… So enjoy your fetishes now, while you still can, while you look good, and do not forget to make photos.

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One thought on “Harry Potter, time, Evanna Lynch and weird pantyhose”

  1. As the starter of the HP thread I think to say I hated the book is an overstatement, I just couldn’t involved in the story, there seemed no ‘depth’ to it. That said, I did like the character of Hagrid though.

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