Speedo water-polo hydrasuit

For me, tight water-polo swimsuits are the ultimate swimsuits, the quintessence of swimsuits, the last step before adding sleeves to turn into leotards. But the question is, where to buy them?

The only water-polo swimsuit I could find in NL, DE, BE, FR and AT is the Speedo Hydrasuit. I bought a black one for myself (many sizes smaller for a very tight fit), and still scold myself for not buying a discounted pink version of it in “Karstadt-Sport” in Frankfurt (see photo below)…

I use this swimsuit not only for my fetish and selfbondage adventures but also as a pyjama in combination with sheer shiny pantyhose when we have to sleep in one room with our kids during vacation trips (me and my wife usually sleep naked when alone in our bedroom or in a t-shirt + pantyhose (usually me) if it’s cold). Or to keep very tight support tights up when I have to drive for hours.

Does anybody know where water-polo swimsuits can be bought off-line (I would like to try them on first)? Any sport shops? Or only here on eBay (also nothing to choose from)?

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6 thoughts on “Speedo water-polo hydrasuit”

  1. LOVE the post.

    Alright so I bought a tight arena water polo swimsuit a few months ago. It’s about 8 cm too short to be comfortable. When I put it on, it squishes my private area. Is there anyway to protect myself while wearing a suit like that?

    I would love the suit if it weren’t so dang uncomfortable.

  2. I would love the suit if it weren’t so dang uncomfortable.

    Um, I think you’ve missed the point…

  3. I literally lose circulation to my balls. Not good.
    I have no problem with tight but when it’s a health issue that’s a different matter.

  4. clam ” wrote:

    I literally lose circulation to my balls.

    This is weird, swimsuits should not push on balls, unless you tried to hide them between you legs. Pull’em up just like here.

    If the suit is too short it will press on your shoulders and your crotch.

    Hmm.. I wrote that and recalled my daughter’s swimsuit I had on for a night. The private parts location may not help. See this post: Butt-plugs, rope harnesses and kids swimsuits. Part I

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