Fetish gyms or Rubber yoga

yoga in latexApparently my idea of fetish gyms was/is so obvious so such dream places begin to appear. Or is it what’s called the thoughts materialization?

I thought that it would be nice to have sport-clubs, language courses, music lessons etc where people must be dressed accordingly. Think of latex, lycra, PVC or even bondage. Yes, there are TV-café’s, gay-clubs, fetish parties, but I’m talking about something different. My idea is to combine something useful (sport, learning) with something pleasurable (fetish).

Then Strappado mentioned the “country codes” and as example attached an advertisement of piano lessons with a fetish/bondage twist. Very close.

And today I’ve found this post in 3xl‘s blog about Rubber Yoga!

In a nutshell, they offer yoga and qigong lessons for latex lovers and also for those who has no latex experience yet and praise latex as a sensual material that keeps body warmth.

The locations are Köln, Düsseldorf and Solingen (close to Peter Czernich empire). More than 2 hour driving for me (what is not practical). I think, Strappado lives much closer to them. Unfortunately, the site has not been updated since last spring. Are they still alive?

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  1. Yes I would do this, it looks so stimulating and I would be having a good work out as well.

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