“One hundred years on two girls.” Or “We are not getting younger.”

I’ve seen that many times:

  • I love pantyhose, but what will [parents|friends|girlfriend|neighbours|people somewhere] say? I will wear pantyhose, when they are accepted by “them”.
  • I would love to wear pantyhose with shorts, but I’d better wait until more men begin to wear them.
  • I’m dreaming about the time when it would be normal for men to wear swimsuits openly.
  • Yes, I know that pantyhose look and feel better on hairless legs, but shaving legs… What would my friends say?
  • and so on…

We are not getting any younger. What would look perfect on a young body more likely will not look as good when the body gets old. Yes, I know there are exceptions. But this is why they are called “exceptions”.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Play safely and be tolerant. Amen…

Photo by Bogdan Zwir. See his works also on deviantART.

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