Self-bondage in singleglove

Update Nov 12, 2009: See also this post.

Just found this picture showing one of the “most dreamed about” scenario: self-bondage in single-glove.

I still can’t find any safe ways of doing that. The method pictured on the left is the most dangerous one. Don’t try that at home alone!

This is the Japanese text accompanying the image:


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7 thoughts on “Self-bondage in singleglove”

  1. About how safe is *safe*?

    Wouldnt be too difficult to setup a kind of electric motor and timer, to zip up/down at a certain time… Probably using a pulley system…

  2. That was one of the suggestion in the BoundForum, but nobody has seen such a system or motor.

    The weakest link here is the zipper. If the zipper pull breaks off (and it happens quite often) when the zipper in the “closed” position, there will be no way of getting out. Or if the zipper slide “jams”?

    This is exactly what happened with my zentai suit. The pull jammed and then the pull broke off. And the zip was closed. Non-intentional self-bondage 😉

    It was very difficult to get out of the suit even when my hands were not bound. Let alone fighting with jammed zipper when your hands are in the single-glove and you are gagged and blindfolded.

  3. how about being bound kneeling with a time release so you can stand and unzip

  4. The biggest problem is not being able to stand, walk or jump. But to zip and safely unzip even if you can stand, walk, jump or not bound at all (with the exception of the single-glove). The zippers can break, stuck or got jammed.

    Properly being bound with a proper single-glove is one of my dreams, but I seriously doubt it can be done alone SAFELY.

  5. That’s also why I think the girl in the picture isn’t tying herself up with the intention of releasing herself… The entire setup, the way her arms and legs are bound, the method in which she pulls up the zipper.. She’s expecting somebody to ‘rescue’ her.. 😉

  6. She’s expecting somebody to ‘rescue’ her.. 😉

    At least there’s little hope that she could free herself up on her own. She’s already unsteadily balancing “on the tips of her knees”

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