A video about one of Gord’s devious devices has made its way to YouTube (probably not for long, so grab it while it’s still there, if you’re interested). With two helping people it works. The question is – is it possible to adapt it for selfbondage (you know my idea fixe about deep throating, don’t you)?

To simplify the design you can stand on your knees on the floor in front of a pillar (a massive table/desk?). You will be tied to the pillar using the ice-timer, so when it’s “open” you are free to fall n your side and crawl to the knife to cut through the ropes (your hands will be bound behind your back, of course).

The dildo should be mounted to the pillar (any ideas how?) in front of you mouth. Your head will be pushed towards the pillar with a tight elastic band. In order to prevent pulling the dildo out completely there should be ropes between the collar/head harness and the pillar (through another ice-lock?). The elastic (rubber?) band and the limiting ropes must be tight enough, so no less than 8 cm of dildo are inside your mouth.

And if you are relaxed, the dildo will be slowly penetrating your throat going deeper and deeper. I don’t think that dildos longer than 17cm are practical (see What is the size of your cock? Or deep throat gags. Part II)

Any other ideas?