The adventures of Terri and Jennifer. Chapters 61-69

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Chapter 61
Chapter 62
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Chapter 61

Miko asked if I were ready to go. I just smiled and walked over to the single glove and picked it up. I carefully unbuckled and unzipped the glove about half way down to afford easier access. On impulse, I walked back over to my bag of restraints and pulled out a nine inch long, one inch wide, leather strap. I handed the strap to Miko and asked her strap my wrists together palm to palm before I was zipped into the glove. Miko just shook her head and, with a smile, took the strap and turned me around. I placed my wrists behind me palm to palm and Miko did the honors, tightly strapping them together. She then turned and picked up the single glove and held it open behind me. I lifted my arms slightly and she began to pull the soft leather glove up my arms. When the leather was above my elbows, and my fingers were touching the bottom of the glove, she began to zip the glove shut. Miko carefully pulled my elbows together as the zipper moved up. Finally the zipper reached the top. My elbows were now very close together.

At the top of the glove was a small strap that she buckled by first threading it through the hasp in the zipper. She then buckled the strap in its keeper. With the zipper secured this way, it would not slip down and the leather strap helped to remove the tension from the zipper.

Also attached to the top of the glove on both sides were two long black leather straps with several holes drilled along each length of leather. The left strap was pulled under my left arm up and above my left breast across my chest and pulled over my right shoulder. It was buckled to the top of the glove on the right side. The same procedure was followed for the right strap. The glove was now held up by these straps that crisscrossed above my breasts. This prevented the glove from slipping down my arms. The final restraint attached to the glove was a two-inch wide leather strap that was tightly buckled around my wrists on the outside of the glove. This strap had a hasp buckled and Miko locked this strap in place with a small lock. I always did enjoy this glove. This glove forced my elbows together and caused my breasts to stick out, but what was nice about the glove was the tension of the arms was spread out up and down the arms and not just concentrated on the wrists and elbows. I could actually wear this type of bondage longer than with very tight ropes.

Miko walked over to the restraint bag and removed a set of leather shoe cuffs and a two inch locking collar. The shoe cuffs were a special design made up of a regular leather ankle cuff but had an extra half-inch strap that was riveted at 90 degrees to the ankle cuff. Miko came back over to me and knelt down and attached a cuff to each ankle. She then drew the shoe cuff down under the heel of my pump and back up to the other side of the cuff. Both were fed through the hasp. The other ankle followed in the same manner. She did not lock the cuffs as of yet as I still had a few more items to go yet and I did not want the spreader bar between my ankles as of yet. Standing there with my legs spread and these high heels would have been difficult. Miko then stood up and next locked the collar around my neck, again using one of the small padlocks. This collar had a large D-ring attached to the front which would be used later.

Miko picked up the red ball gag and I carefully followed her on my high heels to the center of the room. I turned and placed my back to the rope that was threaded through the hook in the ceiling. Miko attached one end of the rope to the large D-ring that was a part of the single glove attached at the finger tips.

Miko next walked back to the couch and picked up the spreader bar and returned to me. She bent down and locked one end of the bar to my right ankle. She then carefully had me spread my legs and then proceeded to lock the left ankle to the other end of the spreader bar. With the ankle cuffs and shoe cuffs locked on, I couldn’t remove my shoes. Foot bondage at its best I thought to myself.

Miko stepped back and looked around. She asked if I were ready to continue. Yes, gag away I told her. Miko stepped forward and carefully inserted the red ball into my waiting mouth. She firmly lodged the ball safely behind my teeth. She then drew the black straps around my head and buckled the gag tightly at the nape of the neck, taking care to move my hair out of the way. Out of nowhere came a hand that started to tickle my sides. I laughed but was unable to move away due to the spreader bar and the height of the heels. Miko just laughed. Jennifer must have told her I was ticklish, especially under the arms and on the rib cage. She stopped and promised not to take too much advantage of my helplessness.

Miko stepped up to the rope and slowly began to pull. As she did, my gloved arms were slowly drawn toward the ceiling and my upper body was bent forward. She continued to pull until my body was at a 90-degree angle and my gloved arms were straight up and down. She then tied the rope off several feet about my wrists, no chance for escape.

Chapter 62

This position was very stringent and left a girl open to almost anything. My rear end was fully exposed as were my pussy and inner thighs due to the spread of the legs. My breasts hung down and the nipples were pointed at the floor. A sight of sheer vulnerability was the picture that entered my mind. I especially like this position and Jennifer seems to prefer this one when I tie her up. I’m not sure why she likes it so much, but I do get the chance to really tease her when she tied like this. If I don’t use the single glove, I’d just use lots of rope. Jennifer is also very flexible and she can get her elbows together behind her. She looks very good in the high heels and strappado.

Miko picked up her camera and started to take photos. She walked all around having me pose with my head in various angles for effect. Video followed the still photos. She made sure that she got the close ups on my face as I started to drool around the ball gag.

Miko set the camera down and rummaged through my restraint bag once again. She came up with my leather blindfold and a long leather leash. She walked over and buckled the blindfold tightly over my eyes. This blindfold was a wide strip of very thin leather that had a triangle cut out for the nose to protrude through. When the blindfold was in place and buckled, no light penetrated the leather and since it was so thin, it molded to my face. I was now sightless.

I felt her then clip the leash to my collar then wrap the other end over my spreader bar several time. She pulled slowly until I couldn’t bend down any further. She then tied the leash in place. So far so good. I couldn’t raise up or move down. More photos followed of the tighter bondage.

As she was taking photos, I was getting the feel of my restraints. Tight and very secure. My arms were pulled high over my head and my shoulders were beginning their dull ache. My feet were getting sore due to the height of the heels but I couldn’t remove them due to the shoe locks. Not bad I thought, bondage at its best.

Suddenly, I heard a buzzing or humming noise. Ah, Miko was going to play with my vibrator. But no. The humming stopped. I felt a cool hand on my right breast. It gently rubbed my nipple, bringing it to full attention. Then I felt her pull the nipple slightly, followed by the sharp biting sensation of a nipple clamp. This clamp was slightly more weighted than my normal clamps. The left breast and nipple were next. As I moved, the clamps would swing back and forth increasing the attention paid to the nipples. I could not stop the movement. I could only moan into my gag. I could also feel that my inner thighs were becoming moist.

Chapter 63

Miko walked around behind me and tied a rope around my waist, looping it several times about my body. She then pulled the rope from under my waist through my legs, carefully burying the rope deep in my crotch, taking care to spread my labia to ensure the rope hit the most sensitive spots. Again, she then quickly removed the rope and added several knots. Miko then replaced the rope ensuring the knots were in their correct places. They were. The end of the rope was then fed up to the D-ring on my single glove and tied off tightly. Now any movement by my arms was instantly felt on my pussy. Miko walked away. Not a sound could be heard.

Suddenly, the nipple clamps started to vibrate. What a strange feeling. The bite of the clamps had dulled somewhat but now was increasing again. Along with the bite was the stimulation. I moved my body in response causing the clamps to swing and the crotch rope to be pulled tighter. I was in heaven. Miko was once again taking photos. I was lost in my bondage. Many times while I was in this position, Jennifer would use my chastity belt and plugs to keep me on the edge of orgasm for hours. The vibrating clamps were new, and I enjoyed them. Now I wished for a vibrator in other places. I would have to use these clamps for my own self-bondage fun in the future.

I could feel my sexual urge starting to grow. I was also drooling but couldn’t stop it. The clamps on my nipples stopped vibrating. I moaned. Another swat to the ass. Then more vibrating. I pulled on the crotch rope. I was getting close. Suddenly, no more vibrating and Miko cut the rope leading to my crotch. The pressure was gone. Damn! Foiled again.

The bondage scene was over, for now. Miko released the clip on the leash that was attached to the collar. She also removed all the crotch ropes. I felt her reach up and untie the rope attached to the ceiling. She slowly lowered my arms. I was now able to stand up straight. Miko over walked behind me and unbuckled the gag. The ball came out with a pop. She used her hand to wipe off the drool, the hazards of such a position. I asked her if the spanking and clamps were also one of Jennifer’s little tricks for her to pull on me. Miko just laughed and this time said no, it was her idea.

Miko unlocked the small locks on my ankle and shoe cuffs and removed the spreader bar. She then removed the blindfold. I looked down and saw the nipple clamps still attached to me nipples. Attached to the clamps was a small egg vibrator. The two small eggs were attached with a long wire that led to the control box that Miko was now holding. She smiled and turned the control back on. The vibrations started again in my nipples. The feeling was wonderful, my eyes rolled. She stopped the control box and walked up and carefully removed the clamps. Yes, of course they hurt more when they come off. Miko gently massaged each nipple to get the blood flowing. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed.

Miko then walked behind me and started to unstrap the single glove. She unlocked the wrist strap, followed by unbuckling the shoulder straps, she then she unbuckled the zipper keeper and unzipped the glove and removed it. She leaned over and picked up the restraints from the floor and put then back into the bag. I was still bound at the wrists with the leather strap. Miko turned and laughed. Sorry she said, smiling. I walked over to her and she unbuckled the wrist strap. I was now free. I looked at the clock. 11:00 p.m. with one more scene to go. I was tired. I didn’t know bondage modeling could be so rough.

Chapter 64

I walked over to get a drink of water while Miko changed her film. I also noticed that she was putting a new video cassette tape in the video camera. I didn’t realize that she had shot over two hours of video. It would be some video to watch.

After the drink, I returned to the restraint bag and began to pull out the items that I wanted to use for my last scene. This would be my favorite as I had planned to conduct a full self-bondage scene for the camera.

I picked up several long leather straps, my head harness ball gag, the thin leather blindfold, a set of handcuffs, a set of thumbcuffs, and a set of keys. I also picked up my leather chastity belt, my locking collar, and a couple of small locks. I walked over and placed all this material in a small pile in the middle of the room. Miko had moved a small stool next to the pile of material. She then sat on the stool with her camera, ready for me to begin.

Chapter 65

For this last scene, I wanted her to photograph all aspects of a complicated self-bondage tie up. All the way from the dressing up part, setting up the safety devices and getting free after I was done.

I began my fun by slowly going through my clothes bag and removing the things I wanted to wear. First was my leather corset. Black in color and heavily boned, it fit like a glove from just above my hips to just below my breasts. The cupped inserts pushed my breasts up making them firm and very sensitive. The corset had six garters attached, three for each side. Second was a pair of black crotchless, high-waisted panties. I choose crotchless due to use of my special chastity belt and one plug. I like high waisted because it gives that older John Willie or Irving Klaw look. Finally, I picked up my long kid leather gloves and my black thigh-high boots.

Miko was walking around shooting photos of me from every angle. I was still wearing the stockings, garter belt, G-string and high heeled pumps from my last bondage adventure. The black stockings would be the only piece of lingerie that I would wear again.

I took the lingerie and walked back over to the couch. I removed my pumps, followed by my panties. Then I unhooked the garters and removed the garter belt. I picked up the high-waisted panties and slipped them on. The boots were next. I really enjoyed these boots, especially the way the leather came right up to my crotch. “Pussy Scratcher” is a term that I’ve heard come up in conversation. The heels were about six inches in height and walking in them was an art. I had requested good sturdy leather when I had custom ordered them and this sturdiness played to my advantage. With the boots on and zipped up, bending my legs at the knee was hampered. Trying to bend down to get on the floor, or get up for that matter was always more difficult with the boots on. When I first got them, they were as stiff as splints and made for a great leg bondage. This was the third time tonight for the boots and each time got better.

Now for the corset. Since the corset was boned so heavily, I had to put the boots on first as it would be more difficult to reach down and zip them up after the corset was on and laced up. I stepped into the corset and pulled it up over my hips. I had to do this was because I couldn’t lace all the eyelets behind me by myself. Once the corset was pulled over my hips and into its natural position, I reached behind me and carefully begin to tighten the laces shut. This was not as easy as it may seem. I couldn’t see behind me and was constantly retightening laces that I had already done. I have done this many times in the past so it just took a little patience. Miko was still walking around taking photos as the opportunity arose. She commented that I was very talented and it showed the many years of self-bondage practice.

Finally the corset was as tight as I was going to get by myself. A reduction of 3 inches was the best I could do, but it was enough to labor my breathing and hamper me in trying to bend over and look at my toes. My breasts were again pushed up very high making them very firm and the nipples hard. I sneaked a quick pinch of each nipple. I looked up to see Miko smiling behind her camera. She had caught me on film. My face reddened, but it was too late.

I picked up the gloves and walked over to the pile of restraints on the floor. Miko put her camera down, lit up a cigarette, and walked over to me and sat on the stool. She wanted to watch me set up the keys that I would use for my later release.

I picked up the set of handcuffs and thumbcuffs and checked that the keys worked. The first step in safe self-bondage. Of course they did and I had several more sets of keys in the restraint bag in case these failed. I handed the cuffs to Miko to hang on to for a few moments while I went to retrieve a couple pieces of string, a small one inch metal ring, and an ice cube from the refrigerator located behind the wet bar.

Chapter 66

When I returned with the ice cube, Miko wanted to know how I put the cuffs on during the self-bondage and still ensured that I was able to get free. I smiled. I showed her the key hole on the cuffs and how it was important that it be placed in the correct direction when they were locked on. Miko nodded, blowing a long stream of smoke towards the ceiling. Obviously, she was curious, or so it seemed, so I pushed a little farther. I then demonstrated unlocking the cuffs by securing them on my wrists in front of me. With the key, I was quickly able to open them. I also demonstrated the technique used with the thumbcuffs. These were a little more tricky as I had to use just use my two index fingers to guide the key into the hole. However, once in the hole, it was very easy to unlock my thumbs.

Miko seemed fascinated. She wanted to try, so I locked the handcuffs on her slender wrists. She still held the cigarette between her two fingers. It was an interesting combination of white skin, silver metal bracelets, the long white cigarette, and the red nail polish. Miko took a last drag of her cigarette, this time having to bring both hands to her face because of the cuffs, and then walked over the ashtray and put it out. She returned to the stool where I handed her the key. She tried for a few minutes and finally got the key into the hole and unlocked the cuffs. She was proud of herself. The thumbcuffs were next.

Once again she was able to get the key into the hole after several attempts but the cuffs were in front of her and she was able to see the hole. I told her the challenge was to try it behind her, where she couldn’t see the hole. Feeling with her fingers would be the only way to do it. Miko smiled. She picked up the handcuffs, checked the position of the hole as I had showed her, locked one cuff on her right wrist, then drew her arms behind her and awkwardly managed to get the cuff locked on her left wrist. I laughed, she was now my prisoner. Miko laughed also. I handed her the key and she tried several times to get the key into the hole. She dropped it twice. I could see that she would need lots more practice so I just let her play for awhile.

Chapter 67

As Miko sat on the stool trying to unlock her wrists, I set up my key release device. Miko laughed said she would go back in a few minutes and take more photos just as soon as she got free. I smiled.

I tied one end of the smaller string to the metal ring. I then moved the other small step ladder over and carefully climbed up the steps and attached the other end of the string to the hook in the ceiling to which I was just hanging from in the single glove. The small metal ring was now about 6 feet off the floor. I stepped down and moved the step ladder out of the way. Miko was still trying to unlock the cuffs, laughing all the time. I half jokingly told her she sure was making lots of noise over there and that maybe I would have to gag her to keep the noise down while I worked. Miko smiled, and then said sure, how about the red ball gag. I was taken back, but quickly nodded and walked over to the restraint bag and picked up my medium sized red ball. I walked back over the Miko and told her to open up. She laughed, but opened her mouth wide. The ball slipped easily in behind her teeth. I brought the two black straps around her head and buckled them tightly at the nape of the neck, taking care to move her hair out of the way.

I stepped back and looked at my newly bound friend. The red ball gag was in sharp contrast to her white complexion and jet black hair. Miko smiled above her gag. She continued to try and unlock the handcuffs with the key. I asked her if she cared to try a blindfold, too, but she just shook her head no playfully, and continued to play with the keys. While she did that I continued to work on my safety device and release mechanism.

Chapter 68

I now walked over and dug up another set of keys, since Miko was still trying to get free with the first set. I walked back over to the metal ring and tied the one end of other string to the new set of keys. The other end of the string was made into a loop that could be tightened. I slipped this end over the ice cube that was already starting to melt. I frowned. The cube had melted too much and I needed to get another one from the ice box. Miko watched as I retrieved a new ice cube. I again slipped the loop over this new cube. I pulled on the keys and the ice cube was pulled up to the metal ring. The ring was small enough that the ice cube wouldn’t go through. Therefore the key would stay suspended about 5 feet off the floor until the cube melted and the keys, under their own weight, would fall to the floor.

From experience, I knew I had about fifty-five minutes until the cube would melt enough and the keys fall to the floor. It was time Miko got free and started to photograph again. Any more time wasted would require me to switch out the ice cube once again.

As I was approaching Miko to free her, she laughed. She had done it. Her left hand was free. Not bad I told her. Too bad, it was so quick, I wanted to get her picture while she was in bondage. Miko tried to talk behind the gag, but I wasn’t able to get much out of her. I reached around behind her and loosened the buckle to the ball gag. Miko reached and pulled the ball from her lips and told me to go ahead and get her camera, she would recuff herself for me. Miko replaced the ball gag and reached behind her head and rebuckled the gag tightly in her mouth. I walked over to the table and picked up the camera and walked back to where Miko was sitting. She was just finishing up locking her wrists behind again. I took a few photos from different ankles. Miko just smiled into the camera trying to play the helpless victim. I told her she didn’t look helpless enough and did she mind if I maybe unbuttoned her blouse and freed her breasts from her bra. Miko smiled behind the gag and slightly blushed. She nodded her head yes. I walked over to her and slowly unbuttoned the silk blouse. Miko watched as each button was undone. Her breathing was very slow. I also told her I really liked her nipple rings and wanted to see them again. She smiled the gag and nodded.

When her blouse was unbuttoned, I pulled it off her shoulders. Miko just looked up into my eyes. I then carefully unsnapped the bra and pulled the cups aside, freeing her breasts. Her nipples were standing straight out. I stepped back and took a few more photos including a close up of her nipple rings. Miko started to drool around the ball gag and the drool was dripping on to her breasts. This made for a very erotic photo. I shot a few more photos of her nipple rings and breasts. I told her that the rings and of course her breasts were beautiful. Miko just blushed. I walked up to her and asked her if I could touch them. Miko just looked at me above the ball gag and nodded. I took each nipple ring between my fingers and felt the weight of the ring lightly brushing my finger across her nipples. They were rock hard. I was surprised how sturdy the rings felt. I pulled on the rings slightly. Miko had her eyes closed, I stopped and asked it she was all right. She nodded but didn’t open her eyes. I leaned forward and lightly kissed her on the forehead. I told her thank you. Miko opened her eyes and smiled behind the gag.

Chapter 69

As she sat there, still topless, an idea came to me and I walked over to the restraint bag and picked up the set of vibrating nipple clamps and walked back to Miko. She sat wide eye, but still laughing. I turned them on and felt them vibrate and smiled at Miko. Miko got up from the stool and started to walk away laughing all the time. I laughed. I was just kidding anyway. I dropped the clamps on the floor. I walked over to her and quickly rehooked her bra and pulled her blouse back on her shoulders. I turned and picked up the keys. Miko walked over to me and turned around. I unlocked her handcuffs. It was my turn to do the self-bondage, I told her. Miko reached up and unbuckled the ball gag and removed it. She was drooling again. Now she knows why I drool so much when I’m gagged. What a feeling, huh? Miko threw the ball gag back into the restraint bag, reached down, and picked up the nipple clamps. She smiled. Maybe later, she told me, but first we have to finish the shoot. She was once again the photographer and I was once again the victim.

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