What is the size of your cock? Or deep throat gags. Part II

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After a couple of years of searching the Internet, I came to the conclusion that the deep throat gags (the gags longer than 10cm) simply do not exist. No wonder, right? The only reasonable option is to use dildos as gags. And dildos are available in virtually any sizes, shapes, colours and extra features.

However, yesterday I stumbled upon a latex mask with built-in breath through gag, the size of which you can choose! Look at the description:

The gag on the photo has 25mm (1 inch ) in diameter and 35mm / 1.4 inch in length . Breathing diameter is 10mm / 0.4 inch.

Outer diameter can be : 20 / 25 / 30 / 40 mm , inner diameter then : 8 / 10 / 12 / 15 mm

Length of the gag outside of the mask can be 5-100 mm , length inside of the mask ( in the mouth ) is also available 5-100 mm.

Displayed here with “anatomically shaped latex mask”. The gag is available for all types of our masks .

With this option , the mask can stay completely closed . You can also add “transparent latex lens” option and achieve the effect of the total enclosure , while being able to see .

The built-in gag can be 40x100mm big!!!! Yes, not deep-throat, but pretty much touching the back of the throat. And since the gag can protrude forward, it is possible to push it even deeper. One problem – the mask is “one size fits all”. Not what I usually expect… (the link to the mask)

Regardless the size. 10cm long is a bit deeper than a typical blowjob. Pretty much anybody can take 10cm. But 4cm is pretty thick. I would prefer to “swallow” a thin and long cock than thick and short.

So, here’s a question, what is the size of your cock? Length x shaft diameter x head diameter? Please be fair! You comments can be absolutely anonymous – no emal/name required.

19 thoughts on “What is the size of your cock? Or deep throat gags. Part II”

  1. This is what I’ve chosen so far:

    Thickness/colour: 0.8mm/black
    Eyes: No openings
    Nose: standard breathing openings
    Mouth: mounted gag with breathing hole
    Zipper-lacing: hidden zipper in rear
    Transparent face: No
    Total $132.10

    As for the gag, I think I will go for:

    – length: 100mm
    – outer width: 40mm
    – breathing hole: 12mm
    – outer length: 30mm

    I’m not sure about the “protruding part” of the gag. What do you think? My idea id to use this part to be able to push the gag a little bit further and to relieve some strain from my nose, if I decide to wear tight pantyhose over the mask (think of pantyhose single-glove).

  2. Anonymous ” wrote:

    Length : 14Cm
    shaft diameter at base : 54 mm
    head diameter : 45mm

    I think I have your cock moulded in silicone 😉 See this post: /forum/mybb/showthread.php?tid=155&pid=2118#pid2118

    Anonymous ” wrote:

    12.5 cm

    And this one in latex 😉

  3. Inspired by this hood I made my own using a dildo, a drill, a piece of plastic tubing and a latex hood.

    I got a 100mm long dildo and drilled a hole through the length of it, then with the help of some lube, stuffed a plastic tube through the hole I drilled, so that one can breathe through the dildo.

    Then I cut a small hole in the mouth of a black latex hood with no other openings and glued the dildo to the hole there with about 25mm of the tube sticking out.

    I found the hood very difficult to wear. The tube is not very wide so it does not provide a lot of air. If I lay on my back while wearing it, the dildo sometimes touches the back of my throat, especially when breathing out, which blocks the tube and I cannot breathe. I think I might need a dildo which is slightly shorter, or long and flexible enough to go further into the throat, if I can avoid gagging when putting on the hood.

  4. Dan ” wrote:

    I got a 100mm long dildo

    What for dildo is it? Is it made from rubber, silicone, PVC? I would definitely avoid PVC for its stiffness.

    Dan ” wrote:

    a black latex hood with no other openings

    I would suggest to make nose holes.

    Dan ” wrote:

    or long and flexible enough to go further into the throat

    Hm, that is interesting. Is it indeed so stiff that it gags you even at 75mm length? What is the diameter?

  5. Lucas ” wrote:

    19cm length (7.5in)
    4.6cm diameter base (1.8in)
    5cm diameter head (2in)

    And it looks fantastic in your zentai suit! But a dildo of a similar size almost tore my throat apart ;-D

  6. Hello,
    i just checked out the page where you can buy the Latex mask with the Penis gag in changeable size.
    Sadly the mask doesn’t seem available anymore, at least not with the changeable size of the gag.

  7. I have a quite small penis (〃ノωノ)
    Length 12.8cm
    Head 4.2cm
    Base 4cm

    And I’m uncircumsized, my glans can’t get through the foreskin_(:зゝ∠)_

    My penis quite like this one I found in your gallery when it is erection.

    Btw, I noticed the last comment of this tread is in 7 years ago…


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