Where to find such pantyhose?

black opaque shiny pantyhoseAny ideas where to find such pantyhose? Similar models (with real back seams) were produced by Le Bourget, Paulo Cuvali and Chantalle Thomas. Not anymore … Can it be Wolford Velvet de Luxe?

Update 18.01.2008: Looks like the secret is not a secret anymore. See the comments.

9 thoughts on “Where to find such pantyhose?”

  1. Oh god! I never seen so wonderfull pantyhose. But i think i can find it in France (yes i’m french). I have seen a similar model in a shop but no so shiny i think.

  2. The trouble is that I have seen them on my and my wife’s legs 😉 She’s actually wearing 10yo Chahtalle Thomas right now. BUt I know for sure that after the big legings-like pantyhose boom in 1994-1996 (shimmering opaque biflex with real back seams) all companies “end-of-lifed” such models/product lines. For no obvious reasons.

    Remember Wolford Fatal Neon? Probably the best-well-known-most-famous-fetish-whatever pantyhose ever. EOL’ed… I doubt that their “fantasy” line sells better.

    A rethorical question, of course, but why?

    BTW, imlivoingit, if you remember the model of the pantyhose you have seen, could you please drop a line here?

  3. Just seen them “in person” (but “packed”). 49 euros. A bit steep. Will keep an eye on the ads and wait for sale or discounts.

    BTW, Wolford put some fantasy (and Satin Touch) pantyhose on sale with 50% discount. Haven’t found anything interesting, though.

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