Do you love swimsuits? Or Boys in swimsuits – Part I.

Do you love swimsuits? Do you love swimsuits like I love them? When I have a swimsuit on, everybody can see that I love swimsuits. And not because the swimsuit can be seen, but because …

And the tighter the suit and the more transparent the elastic fabric, the more obvious my love to swimsuits.

12 drawings below.

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6 thoughts on “Do you love swimsuits? Or Boys in swimsuits – Part I.”

  1. I’m always intrigued by those white Asics swimsuits you often see on Japanese sites that turn translucent when wet. They obviously aren’t designed that way and I suspect the producers bleach coloured ones. Sadly lycra and chlorine aren’t a long-lived mix…

  2. I dreamed about such suits when I was a kid. Back in 80’s it was a popular prank when the dye dissolves in the water.

    But indeed recently I’ve heard that some Japanese swimsuits designed for schoolgirls become almost transparent. Not sure if it was Asics. Fun…. I want one (or two) 😉

  3. I thought at first the pics were photoshopped but there are too many, I’ve never seen an unconvincing one and Japanese sites seem to offer the suits for sale with various coloured trims. It’s all a bit of a mystery, but as far as I can tell all the suits are Asics.

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