Shiny PVC thigh-high ballet boots

What: Over-knee ballet boots made from stretchy lack PVC. 18cm heels.

Where: The items, the shop

Why: These are the first ballet boots I saw that look like latex stockings with 7″ heels. Most thigh high boots have big “funnels” at the top and are not “aesthetically pleasant”. There are two variants (see photos below): with laces and without. Both have a zip. And both, according to the eBay seller, are made from thick but stretchy vinyl, what makes the boots look and feel good.

Just add hot pants, a mini skirt, a mini dress or a catsuit! Not sure if you can walk or stand on such heels, though. I definitely can not, so for me these boots is a perfect self-bondage element ;-P

One thought on “Shiny PVC thigh-high ballet boots”

  1. Very sexy, but I’m still more turned on my high heels that CAN be walked in 😉


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