Fetish music videos. Part III. Beyoncé and “Green Light”.

beyonce in latex ballet boots "green light"Must confess, I do not watch TV, so probably I’m the last fetishist on the Earth who has *just* seen the famous (as it appeared) video “Green Light“. After collecting my jaw from the floor I rushed to my computer and made a furious attempt to find any information on the video. Guess what? The Internet is full of crap (didn’t I know that in advance?). Nothing. NOTHING! So, I had to guess.

First of all I found the video itself (see “More”) and how it was made:

This is the original video:

Direct link

This is how it was made: Direct link
The video was directed by Melina and according to Wiki and MTV, the making of the “Green Light” was inspired by:

Also, I found that Beyoncé’s got blisters and cramps from 7″ pointe heels. That’s it. Nothing else. Nothing about the clothes. But my first shot hit the target. It was “House of Harlot” who made the clothes:

Tina Knowles, Beyonce’s mother and stylist, rang us to check if House of Harlot would make some clothes in time for a video shoot. We said yes and [the video] is the result of that collaboration.

If you know any additional information about the video, please share with us!

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