Naughty company Christmas gifts

Company Christmas gifts is a good tradition in some companies. What can be usually found in such Christmas bags and boxes? Something dirty cheap and absolutely useless. (I would be happy to be proved wrong!) I remember only one useful thing I received as a Christmas gift from my company – a small travel bag I still use as a storage bag for naughty stuff (enema related tools).

Robert Moerman, the owner of a Dutch company Polyvision (cold foam manufacturer) came up with a brilliant idea – Christmas gifts should be associated with pleasure and cheery mood and, along with some grocery, stuffed Mister Majestic bendable vibrators into women’s bags and Wet Gelee lubricant into men’s. Robert said that it was a joke and there is no “message”. In fact, he already did the same 8 years ago. The reaction of the personnel was adequate:”Everybody was laughing, but one louder, than another”.

I think the gifts are not “equal”. Why no vibrating butt-plugs in men’s boxes? ;-P

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