Sexy pissoirs – part II

pissoir2-1Remember Sexy pissoirs – part I ? This is what I’ve found on The Register today:

‘Sexist’ Austrian urinals dumped on eBay

Women’s groups pissed at mouth-shaped porcelain

Four “sexist and misogynist” urinals have been removed from a public toilet in Vienna and offered for sale on eBay, Reuters reports.The offending pissoirs – lovingly sculpted by local artist Rudolf Scheffel and installed in “toilet-bar Vienna”, next to the National Opera – caused a bit of a rumpus during the run-up to the 1 pissoir2-2October parliamentary elections when they were “used by political party supporters attending rallies nearby”. Although the urinals had been in service for three years, this political exposure provoked women’s groups to slam the offensive porcelain, which resulted in its removal.The seller promises: “Each urinal will, of course, be meticulously cleaned. The artist himself will sandblast it, brush the mouth’s teeth, and give them a new varnish.”

Mick Jagger was unavailable for comment this morning.

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