Elena Dementieva in sheer black shiny pantyhose or being in time. Part I

Elena Dementieva Елена  Дементьева in sheer shiny pantyhose“Vicis est viaticus” or “time is money”, we all know that. We all “leave something for later” from times to times. Sometimes it works, sometimes the consequences are dramatic or severe, but sometimes it’s just “too late” with no real pain or loss, but frustration and annoyance.

Here’s an example. I used to periodically check zentaioid.blogspot.com for new photos. I never saved any of them, because I was always within a pair of clicks from that site. The only exception I made for 3 (out of 10 or something) hi-rez photos of Elena Dementieva (here the wiki article, if you do not know who she is). Next day the site was gone with the only words “I’m sorry”. Of course, you can’t save everything and predict everything and be in time for everything, but still pity…

But back to Elena and why I saved at least three photos. How often do you see top sporters in pantyhose? And in sheer pantyhose? And in sheer shiny pantyhose? And in sheer black shiny pantyhose? Exactly.

Also, check the group photo. She’s the only one in nylons! The rest is bare legged (how typical…)

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