Latex, anti-latex, pantyhose and bondage

Anti-latex? “What’s that?” you may ask. Well, this is easy. The fetish antipode of latex is mohair.

Indeed, cold vs warm, tight vs loose, thick vs thin, shiny vs dull, breathable vs airtight, smooth vs scratchy, and so on, and so on. Although they do have something in common (both are sweaty, both cause allergy and both are fetish objects), it appears that they will annihilate with a loud pop and lightnings should someone decide to bring them together, but …

… look how Nadine Schlag can easily mix mohair, latex, stockings, pantyhose, fishnets, leather and bondage.

13 photos below.

2 thoughts on “Latex, anti-latex, pantyhose and bondage”

  1. I seem to recall a saying / internet rule: “Any fetish you can think of, already exists.”

    I do believe this work is living proof of that. 😛
    Personally, not my style. I think it’s funny though.

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