6 year old boy found (self-)bound and drowned in bathtub. Demotivators of the day.

Sorry for another demotivating post about children and (self-)bondage, but it’s very related to my bathtub self-bondage experiments when I was a kid. In my case (fortunately) nothing bad happened, just ane event simply scared me.

But this boy was not lucky. Moreover, nobody knows what actually happened:

A 6-year-old boy was found dead yesterday morning, his hands and ankles bound and a gag stuffed in his mouth, in a water-filled bathtub in his Southeast Washington apartment, authorities said.

The boy appeared to have been dead for hours, perhaps longer, police said. He was alone in the apartment when his grandmother found him at 8:15 a.m., facedown in about a foot and a half of water, they said.

Police did not rule out the mother — or anyone else — as a suspect. They said that there’s no outside person involved and that a motive in the case is “unclear.”

The grandmother, Juanita Barber, told police that the front door of the apartment was unlocked, which she said was unusual. When she found Don Miguel, his ankles were bound, his hands were tied behind his back and some kind of gag was in his mouth, police said. He was wearing play clothes, they said.

When I was 6 I did play with ropes, gags and “play clothes”. Also in the bathroom.



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  1. It is sad to read about this, and no offense taken. If you go to documentingreality.com in the videos section there’s a little boy who was trying to choke himself so he’d pass out and wake up later. Unfortunately it went horribly wrong.

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