Self-bondage suspension. Video tutorial

This is to add to the selfbondage suspension discussion: a video tutorial on how to suspend yourself in mid air.

What do you think?

10 thoughts on “Self-bondage suspension. Video tutorial”

  1. She makes it look soooo easy!

    Inspirational stuff…. but still a little work to be done before I feel brave enough to give this another go!


  2. She does make it look easy! Obviously you need good rope, and a place to hang yourself from. I do have those, so I am going to give it a go sometimes in the near future! Should be fun!

  3. Hi I tried this and I got these horrid scars is the best way to deceive them I think but I looks a bit like a blood blister any way of stoping this ?

  4. want to be tied up suspended up side down and have the shite fucked out of me any takers .

  5. just been untied had the ass fucked sore now looking for a repeat you will take me up on ofer ok when wear can l contact you

    take me up on my offer then ready and waiting come fuck me sore .please.

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