Self-bondage suspension. Tutorial

self-bondage suspension

self-bondage suspensionTinker D sent me this self-bondage suspension photo tutorial following the lengthy discussion on these forum threads:

Suspension self-bondage
Self-bondage semi-suspension hogtie concept

I hope he can add some comments to the photos below

20 thoughts on “Self-bondage suspension. Tutorial”

  1. I have done this tie before, and it is a lot of fun.
    So if anyone have any questions, please ask.

    I will say, it is best if you wear your school uniform, and a vibrator on your sex part. And don’t forget your plugs.

  2. Tinker, could you add a video of the whole thing so I could understand it a bit more? Thx.

  3. I don’t have any real way to the video.
    To do a set of pictures would require a friend to help me take pictures.
    That, and the fact I no longer have a place to do this anymore.

  4. that looks very interesting to try out, if you need a person to help out picturing this i would volunteer for it 🙂

  5. Suspension first-timer here:
    Wow, just tried this. Even with the limited quality and much too few descriptions (imho) I was able to float 🙂
    Aaaaand I really recommend anyone who wants try suspension to use a lot more rope than ever before to wrap around your chest… 😉

  6. Yes, it fun to do. A few thoughts here. I use up to 4 coils when I do this. That means 8 strands. Also, I do add an extra coil or two to help hold my pot belly in. A corset works too, but I wore out my old one and need a new one……


    Wonder who I can get to make me one.

  7. Two more things.
    1: if your a male, tape a vibrater just under the head of your penis.
    2: if your a female, insert a vibrater and keep it with a crotch rope.
    And don’t forget fresh batteries and a buttplug.

  8. I made my own modification to this
    I tie a karada 2 and hang a chain from a ceiling hook, then I loops a second chain under the karada behind my back and connect it to the chain on the ceiling. I then tie a rope to each ankle and loop it through the ceiling hook and tie it off on the Karada. What I noticed for most tutorials is that they don’t show how they bind their hands. So I use an improved pair of Hand cuffs and lock then with a pad lock. To escape I have a frozen key hanging from the ceiling tied to a string so it will fall into my hands.

  9. For this I like to put some of my wieght on my hips with a crotch rope, only down side is it gives a slight wedgie

  10. Amateurs. I made my own version of a suspension that all you do is fall forward and you get pulled into a hogtie that spreads your knees. Don’t feel offended though, I’m a genius. (139 IQ)

  11. I don’t have any pics and it took me 3 hours to rig. I also had use 2 regular pullies and a 1-way locking pulley. The idea is that your weight when you fall turns the pulley and it brings your legs up. They separate via the other 2 pulleys which are attached by a rope that runs from your body, up over the top pulley, (or two locking ones to the left and right of it) down through the other two. They are located to the sides of your knees. You need a chest harness, google it, and hip harness. If someone that understands what I am saying could draw this please, that’d be great.

  12. I’m very happy that most of you that have tried this were terry happy.
    The site I got these pictures from is long gone or I can’t find it anywhere anymore.

    The discription was in Japanese or Chinese, but if there was someone close by with a video and a strong support, I would love to get and give you all a demo on how I did it.

    Also, I have done the suspension from Bondage life. And with a few tricks, you can fold your knees and trash about to your heart’s content.

    From the northern part of Calif.

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