If not Speedo s2000 or Mizuno, then Realise. Shiny swimsuits.

Shiny swimsuit leotard Realise (17)

Shiny swimsuit leotard Realise (17)Updated on Jun 27, 2012 @ 02:30: Added a video (see below).

Updated on May 19, 2012 @ 19:40:
See Strappado’s review of the Realize swimsuit he’s just received! I think I will be the next. And my birthday is not that far away…

Posted on Jan 5, 2012 @ 16:41:
Neither Speedo s2000 nor Mizuno shiny closed-back swimsuits are produced anymore. These suits are very special and very expensive, they were created for specific purposes (very tight and slippery when wet to prevent grabbing and with low drag for speed), they were not available in usual sport shops and there will be no mass customers from outside of sport clubs. Since the sport industry never cared about us fetishists, the models were discontinued and now can be found only on eBay with ridiculously high price tags (see, for example, Mizuno and Speedo s2000 Latex wetlook shiny Swimsuits on eBay)

Fortunately, two years ago a Japanese company called Realise began producing similar swimsuits. And not just “blind copies” of the above mentioned suits, but completely redesigned, with lots of options (e.g. full seat, thong, high cut, closed back, bikini back, round neck, collar neck, and combinations), in lots of colours and cheaper. Basically all forms and shapes you have seen in manga and anime.

However only for Japan. No delivery outside. One of the options is to check Realise swimsuits on eBay.

Anyway, see 32 photos below. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

Another interesting thing is what these swimsuits are made of. There’s no lycra (or latex, as some sources claim) at all. 100% nylon lining and 100% polyurethane coating (this layer is responsible for rubber look and feel). The material feels tighter than usual 80% polyamide/20% lycra/spandex fabric, so the manufacturer suggests to order one size bigger. Recently Speedo came to the market with a similar model. Will make a proper “research” and post about it later.

I absolutely adore these one-piece swimsuits, though I’ve never tried them on. They look gorgeous on photos what was properly noticed by Japanese adult industry 😉 I even had a weird thought to become a Realise dealer 😯 …

18 thoughts on “If not Speedo s2000 or Mizuno, then Realise. Shiny swimsuits.”

  1. I LOVE these too. But about 200 dollars for the cheapest?? That’s pretty expensive.

  2. WindowsNet ” wrote:

    I have ordered other things from Swimsuit Shop Japan

    Thanks for this link, I did not know about this shop. They ship to EU for 5€ and accept Paypal. Looks like an optimal solution.

    I was thinking about using a “resender” (or whatever they are called), when they give you a post box in Japan and then ship from that “fake” address to you.

  3. I have been looking at this blog entry for a while, also the other related ones about rubberised swimsuits. Finally, I decided that spending 133 Euros plus 28 Euros income tax is much money, but worth it. There will be a long-term review in the forums, exactly here: /forum/mybb/Thread-Realize-Swimsuits-long-term-review

  4. Seriously, if you get one of the Japanese swimsuits, expect it to be fairly short. So better select one with a wide croth or prepare to suffer! The one that I got is wide enough. It rests on my shoulders and the inside tendons of my legs, not on my balls or in between them.

  5. Since Likera mentioned Mangas: We should look for accessories, such as gloves, boots, hoods, helmets and the like. This stuff should have similar colours and material of course.

  6. Gloves and hoods.. Hmm.. sounds interesting… Gonna check the Realise website, probably they already make them.

  7. Realise does not have such things. Generally, coated lycra should be a good material.

  8. This is really sexy swimwear. It’s a shame you can only get it in Japan and it’s way too expensive.

  9. These NSA swimsuits from China are a good value alternative to the realise and speedo s2000 hydrasuits. $29 usd delivered!!
    Available on eBay here
    NSA swimsuits

    There is also another model with a rubber top half. I’ll see if I can find it.

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